Saturday 11am – 5pm

Support local artisans and craftspeople!



Little Paper Crane

Handmade brass and sterling silver jewelry that is inspired by nature, movement, and textures that catch the way the light plays

Peter Yencken

Handmade leather and wooden wares.

Heart Centered Herbals

Heart Centered Herbals will have many magical and amazing herbal treats for you to choose from at the artisan market, such as locally grown and freshly dried herbs, hand-dipped and hand-rolled herbal candles, fresh artemisia smoke bundles and sweetgrass braids, tinctures and elixirs, bath salts, plant spirit rattles, and many other goodies!

Keitha Cloudt

Handcrafted Soap & Miscellany
Small batch soap, shampoo bars and skincare items made with love and care. Natural oils, essential oils, plant infusions , any fragrance oils used are phthalate free.

Studio 43 Pottery

Sonya Forté has been making hand built pottery inspired by rich texture and nature at Studio 43 Pottery for over two decades.
Popular in our region and beyond; she offers mugs, bowls platters, cups sculpture, jewelry and more!

The Farm Truck by Restoration Acres Farm

A mobile farm store selling pasture raised meats, eggs, dairy and more all from local farmers and producers.

Deep Roots Milling

Locally grown and milled grains: flours, baking mixes, cornmeal and more.

Edible Landscaping

A diverse selection of edible plants ready to plant in your garden, farm or food forest.


Handmade leather earrings and macramé plant hangers.

Sally Santmyer

Stained glass.


Local artist inspired by nature & sacred geometry. I create handmade jewelry & art using real flowers & plants to make scenes frozen in time.

Terra Temple Arts

Medicinal and ceremonial herbals, sacred adornment jewelry, and ritual art from Nuit Moore

+ More!