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Our mission:

We gather every year to share land-based skills, music, the arts, and local food in an effort to grow a community that supports farmers, artists, local economies and ecosystems.


Mountain Run Permaculture

Mountain Run Permaculture is the homestead and farm operations of Mark and Allison at Mountain Run Farm. They tend an integrated system of orchards, hedges, agroforestry, gardens, and a myriad of homestead systems. They also work as consultants, designers, and educators to further the adaptation of regenerative agriculture, ecological design, and edible landsaping across Central Virginia.

Mountain Run Farm

Mountain Run Farm, located in Sedalia, VA, is a family farm on a path of healing land and people. The farm produces grass-only beef, lamb, pastured pork, eggs, vegetables, orchard crops, medicinal herbs and an abundance of wild food, wildlife, and habitat. The farm is a living and working example of regenerative agriculture and the power that humans have to work with the land, plants, and animals to build topsoil, steward watersheds, and restore ecological diversity.