Line Up

2018 Line Up Coming Soon!

2017 Line Up

Adam and Morgan

Dueling Rock Fiddler Adam DeGraff and Rock Violinist – Guitarist – Singer- Songwriter Morgan Weidinger “…are flat out amazing together.” They have routinely performed for US Presidents, Senators, and Governors; at NFL halftime shows and for Major League Baseball; and at Las Vegas Casinos, Carnegie Hall, and for Fortune 500 Company special events the world over. Millions of YouTube views powered by millions of people lazing around on their computers have catapulted Adam and Morgan into the spotlight, highlighting their intensive classical training, but more importantly, their heartfelt connection to their music, their audience, and to each other. 






Band: The Movie

Citizen Kane. Def Leppard. Braveheart. U2. There are bands and there are movies. They are not the same thing. But there is Band: The Movie. What is Band: The Movie you ask? We’re not quite sure either but it has something to do with Marlon Brando. Or maybe it had something to do with Ray Charles. It’s super easy to get the two confused. Either way, Band: The Movie is funk, rock, folk, jam, and comedy from members of the Deems. You kids remember the Deems right? It was made up of five high school students that met in detention and discovered they had a bit more in common than they thought. Or…wait, that’s the plot of the Breakfast Club. It was actually a group of guys who had to travel across the world to destroy a powerful ring with the power to corrupt the hearts of men. Yeah, that’s it. Thanks everybody, you’ve been a great audience.




Brothers Gorman

Brothers Gorman is a rock duo out of Baltimore MD that fuses the counter-cultural sound of the Sixties with the flow of the Colorado River and the spirit of animal-inhabited ancient ruins. Guitarist/vocalist Jeff “Hot Gravy” Gorman met Drummer Greg “Eggy” Gorman in 1994 immediately after Greg was delivered from their Mother’s womb. “I heard a loud crack, similar to John Bonham’s snare in ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’, and then a lightning bolt struck the hospital room, followed by a dark mystical cloud, and then I saw Greg’s head emerge…It looked remarkably like an Egg,” recalls Gorman (Jeff) of his brother’s birth. Their childhood consisted of head-banging to Neil Young tapes while beating each other with cheap drum sticks. Their adolescent years consisted of head-banging to My Morning Jacket CDs while beating each other with skateboards. And their adulthood has thus far been characterized as “head-banging to books on tape while helping each other become better human beings.” The rest is history. Brother’s Gorman is working on their debut EP, which will be out in 2018.


Coddle Creek

Coddle Creek is a high energy creekgrass band from the foothills of NC in beautiful Coddle Creek! It’s traditional bluegrass music with a kick, we like to play fast and let our light shine bright!!! The sweet harmonies and dueling acoustic guitars of longtime friends Travis Weddington and Adam Lawrence are like no other.

Travis Weddington is from Coddle Creek, NC. He grew up playing traditional bluegrass with his family. Travis then got bit by the blues bug, under the wing of Rusty Barkley in the Part Time Blues Band. Shortly thereafter, Travis started ripping up electric guitar leads for the “improvisational project band Duk Tan.” His vocals songwriting and acoustic guitar licks are the icing on the cake in Coddle Creek.

With his original songs, vocals, and acoustic guitar picking, Adam Lawrence is a large part of the sweet sounds of Coddle Creek. After hearing recordings at a young age of his father, Jack Lawrence, and the late Doc Watson, Adam dove into the guitar and hasn’t looked back. He has had the honor to play on stage with many of the great flatpickers of our time, which only increases his desire to play. Adam’s influences include the late Doc Watson and his father, Jack Lawrence, to Django Reinhardt, Clarence White, Bryan Sutton, Stephen Mougin and far too many others to include. Adam also enjoys branching out with many different genres, from progressive blues and most recently jam bands. Adam continues to redefine and create his own style of flatpicking with traveling and playing any kind of music nationwide.

Dave Mclendon, the veteran musician and long time bass player for Duk Tan, hails from the backwoods of Richfield, NC where you can hear the slapping of the cat gut on the hollow body of a sexy stand up fiddle off in the distance, if all is quiet and you put your ear to the ground…Just listen, you’ll hear it!

Steven Davidson has been all around this great country of ours and played with some of the living legends of our time. He’s toured around with Spongecake and the Fluff Ramblers holding down the low end but barely holding his eyes open behind the wheel of their slow moving van! Steven has twice the strings now and he’s using every one of them and chucking his way along with the Coddle Creek crew! He’s a well rounded musician and the perfect fit for this group of misfits, plus, the Mandolin makes him look alot bigger than the bass does!

Waylon Bayard will be making appearances from time to time when the spirit of the night comes calling him to lay down a sweet beat to some creekgrass music, like a train chuggin’ down the line! Waylon has been holding down the tempo for some time now with all types of bands and music is his genre, the kid can make any song, no matter how rough, smooth as silk! Waylon is the long time drummer for Duk Tan and has toured the world with some great industrial bands such as Voodou and The Haitian Hate Gods and this has prepared him to go fast and shine with Coddle Creek!

See y’all at the show!!!


The Cole Men

Made up of brothers Clif and David Coleman and son/nephew Al Coleman, this dynamic blues and classic rock trio gets out to play one live show a year at Mountain Run Jam; the rest of their time is booked in their basement studio. Drummer Clif and bassist David have been rocking out together for over three decades now, and when Al stepped away from his junior drum kit and strapped on his first electric guitar, a band was born. Don’t miss their show!




David Mahler

David Mahler, a Virginia based dulcimer player and teacher, began playing the hammered dulcimer at the age of ten. Four years later, he competed and won the title of National Champion (setting the record for the youngest contestant to ever win). David is quite versatile on the dulcimer playing a range of traditional Appalachian, European folk, Classical, as well as joining contemporary folk rock and pop bands for recording sessions and performances. He is currently playing in the group, “Silk Cedar” which is a Chinese-American fusion band led by Yangqin master, Liu Yuening. They have toured China and will be playing in the east coast this year. Recently, David released an instructional European music book for the hammered dulcimer, catering to all levels of players. Always, he remains open to ideas and opportunities that incorporate the hammered dulcimer into new avenues of music and the arts.



Dogwood Tales

Dogwood Tales is an americana/alt country duo from Harrisonburg, Virginia. The core of the band is Kyle and Ben, two childhood best friends who grew up playing in different bands together. Influenced by other duos such as Welch and Rawlings, or Gram and Emmylou, Dogwood Tales plays modern Americana music with a traditional and laid back flair. They have a full length album coming this fall!





Good Buddy

Abe Goorskey and Philipp Gabathuler started playing as “Good Buddy” after a chance encounter with a homeless bluesman having breakfast at a street-side café in Lynchburg, VA. He saddled up to the breakfast table without hesitation (or invitation) and introduced himself as Good Buddy. Inspired by his friendly smile and demeanor, the duo went home and worked up some train songs. Since then, Good Buddy has created a traditional sound where harmonies and stylistic playing will have you feelin’ like you’re rollin’ along the James River in an open Georgia Southern box car!






Katelyn Georgianna Vallier

Katelyn Georgianna Vallier is a Michigan Performing Artist. The passion for music runs deep in her roots. You can catch this “Nightingale” sweetly serenading folk music to the audience with her voice and acoustic guitar on Saturday afternoon!