2018 Offerings Coming Soon!

2017 Workshops

Annual Tree Planting: Expanding the Food Forest

We’ll continue our tradition of planting trees at the Jam by adding more diversity to the Camp Sedalia food forest. Learn planting techniques, food forest design methodology, and have fun creating more food, habitat, and beauty while learning how to do the same at home.





Holistic Management Herd Hike

Ben will lead his annual herd hike where we will walk through the farm to the cows while he edifies us in the subtle art of managing animals holistically to heal the land, water cycle, and farm ecosystems—how a well managed herd can be a force of immense good.





Wild Food & Medicine Plant Walk

Allison and Mark will guide a walk around Camp Sedalia to discuss the many commonly available medicinal and edible wild plants ripe for the picking in late September. This will be a mildly formal walk with plenty of time for questions and answers as well as a few samples of what can be made from these plants.







How To Keep Bees

13 Answers to the Same Question

Ted Falls of Wheats Valley Apiary and Beekeeping Services will explain how he keeps bees and why, elaborating on his biodynamic beekeeping techniques and approaches.








Eating Acorns

Join Mark Angelini to learn how you can harvest, store and process the abundant oak tree’s acorns to process into flours, porridges, stews, and more. He will cover simple techniques anyone can use at home as well as more in-depth processes for those looking to seriously supplement their larder throughout the year.







The Fascinating World of Fungi

Adam is one of three VDACS approved wild mushroom harvesters and has been cultivating and foraging mushrooms for over 10 years. Join him to learn about proper mushroom I.D. and the many culinary and medicinal virtues of mushrooms. Weather dependent, hopefully there will be plenty of mushrooms to see.







2017 Demonstrations


Blacksmithing Demonstration

Weather permitting, Bill Mauser will be working his mobile forge throughout the weekend. Watch him make all sorts of useful and beautiful things from metal.





Cider Pressing Demonstration

Join John Hoskins from 4:00 – 5:00 pm on Saturday to help grind and press apples on his gorgeous, restored, turn of the century press. John is a wealth of knowledge on heirloom and traditional American apples, so do stop in to pick his brain and taste some delicious fresh pressed apple juice.





Earth Block Maker

NGO Big World Project will be here with their compressed earth block machine demonstrating brick building for the purpose of constructing homes in the slums of India. They are practicing here at Mountain Run as a trial before shipping their equipment and team to India in the coming months. Check it out 9 am – 12 pm on Saturday!






Flint Knapping & Primitive Skills

Seek out Doug Macleod’s “Knap In” circle throughout the weekend to learn the ancient art of flint knapping, cordage making, bow and arrows, and probably much more.







2017 Healing Arts


Saturday Morning Yoga with Andrea

The term “yoga” can be translated as “yoke” or “unite.” In this 60 minute all-levels vinyasa yoga practice, we will explore our connections and bonds within ourselves, mind, body, and spirit; within the energy of the collective, from person to person; and within the grander context of these connections with our surroundings in Nature. This well-rounded practice will include cleansing breathwork to energize, fluid and intuitive movement patterns to invigorate, and deep relaxation to cultivate a peaceful, expansive heart to carry you into the day’s activities. Bring yourself, an optional towel or mat, and a bottle of water, just in case.



Sunday Morning Yoga with Shannon

Awaken your body and mind with a moderately vigorous flow. Postures will be challenging, but accessible, with modifications for all levels. Invigorating the body with the breath and proper alignment will help you to journey inward and cultivate a sense of stillness. This will support your efforts to be fully present, maximizing your time and energy amidst all of the weekend activities.







Kidding Around Yoga

Kidding Around Yoga with Amanda is stress management for kids! We sing, dance, move and groove, and create our way to bliss. Your little Yogis will learn traditional Yoga poses, and how breathing and meditation can help to relax their bodies and minds. The benefits from this Yoga class are limitless!





Human Connection & Space: An Exploration of Movement & Contact

RVA Dance Collective members, Marissa Barber and Katy McCormack, will lead us through outdoor movement Saturday at 4 pm.










Chelsea Woods is a licensed massage therapist and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. She will be offering 15 minute chair massages, at $15 per session.










Tai Chi

Come and join Master Teasley’s open Tai Chi class for beginners and advanced at 1 pm on Saturday!