Annual Tree Planting: Expanding the Food Forest

We’ll continue our tradition of planting trees at the Jam by adding more diversity to the Camp Sedalia food forest. Learn planting techniques, food forest design methodology, and have fun creating more food, habitat, and beauty while learning how to do the same at home.





Holistic Management Herd Hike

Ben will lead his annual herd hike where we will walk through the farm to the cows while he edifies us in the subtle art of managing animals holistically to heal the land, water cycle, and farm ecosystems—how a well managed herd can be a force of immense good.





How To Keep Bees

13 Answers to the Same Question

Ted Falls of Wheats Valley Apiary and Beekeeping Services will explain how he keeps bees and why, elaborating on his biodynamic beekeeping techniques and approaches.








Eating Acorns

Join Mark Angelini to learn how you can harvest, store and process the abundant oak tree’s acorns to process into flours, porridges, stews, and more. He will cover simple techniques anyone can use at home as well as more in-depth processes for those looking to seriously supplement their larder throughout the year.







Wild Food & Medicine Plant Walk

Allison and Mark will guide a walk around Camp Sedalia to discuss the many commonly available medicinal and edible wild plants ripe for the picking in late September. This will be a mildly formal walk with plenty of time for questions and answers as well as a few samples of what can be made from these plants.